Due to environmental demands, car manufacturers now have to use water based paints.  Whilst being environmentally safe, they are prone to fading and oxidization. 

Diamondbrite is made from refined rock oils that are formulated into a 2 stage process so that each product compliments the next and builds up to create a tough durable glaze. The hard, high gloss protective skin that Diamondbrite creates prevents road salts, traffic film, acid rain, tree sap, insect fluid and other atmospheric pollutants from contacting directly with your cars paintwork. Fading from ultraviolet light is virtually eliminated as is nitrate etching caused by bird droppings (as long as it is washed off within 7 days and treated Diamondbrite Conserver). Once treated with Diamondbrite, you'll never have to polish your car again. Your vehicle will look as good as it did when it left the showroom, thereby improving its resale value. Another major benefit of Diamondbrite's high gloss finish is the ease with which dirt and grime is washed off the paintwork.

To maintain the vehicles appearance, simply wash down using the Diamondbrite Car Shampoo followed by the use of Diamondbrite Conserver (on a monthly basis as a rinse). Both the shampoo and conserver are supplied when the car is Diamondbrited in the first instance. Further supplies of these and other Diamondbrite after care products can be obtained from the Diamondbrite Center or direct from Jewelultra. (It's worth noting Conserver is used by the worlds leading airlines to protect the paint on their aircrafts)  

The vehicle can be washed as many times as required. The continued monthly use of Conserver maintains the protection and is essential to keep the guarantee valid for lifetime. Certain other paint protection products available do not have such maintenance procedures like Diamondbrite and it has been proven after a few month of normal use these products deplete and eventually disappear altogether leaving no protection.

In order to maintain the paint and fabric protection to its optimum level an annual inspection is recommended. This inspection is normally carried out by your supplying Diamondbrite center.

With Diamondbrite the vehicle can be passed through a car wash or jet wash as many time as necessary, as long as 25ml of conserver is placed on the front panels and bonnet. The car wash/jet wash will then distribute the chemical all over the paint ensuring continued protection. It should be noted that Jewelultra do not recommend the use of a mechanical car wash as it has been known for them in extreme cases to remove pieces of trim and scratch paintwork.